Take a drive towards Esperance during summer and you will notice the distinct spreading shrub that is Bull Banksia.  Made up of cones containing hundreds of tiny flowers all grouped together in pairs, yellows, oranges and rusty red heads compliment the light green toothy leaves. The small flowers of the cones actually fall off early and make a lovely sweet drink when steeped in hot water.

One of many plants that colour the landscape with  'sunburnt'  hues, Bull Banksia, also known as pulgarla by Nyoongar people, is an instantly recognisable part of the West Australian landscape. With the season of Bunuru  and the second summer, we also see the flowers of the Red Gum and Ghost gums throughout the Marri and Jarrah forests emerging. 

This is the perfect time to be eating fish such as Tailor, Mullet and Marron. Steamed mussels are also great, especially when the flowers of the Bull Banksia are used to impart a sweet but savoury flavour to the broth. For those not so keen on seafood, now is the time to enjoy rich and satisfying duck meat or duck egg omelette. Confit duck leg salad with a wild berry vinaigrette perhaps?